Diving around Porto Rafti is truly majestic!
Our boats will take you to dive at near-by beautiful reefs, caverns, old or more recent shipwrecks, airplane wrecks, and all that while surrounded by a superb underwater life!
Divers specifically interested to small life will be wonderfully amazed, as mild local underwater currents offer the perfect living conditions for different micro marine life as nudibranchs, anemones and spirographs.

Small coves, reefs and shoals, caves, wrecks and walls full of life. Each dive is at a different site so that you are never bored.
From shallow to deep , night dives, as well as rellaxed dives in small coves, far away from currents, in places full of marine life. Unique seascapes and crystal clear waters invite marine enthusiasts to a never ending, enjoyable adventure.

Grab a mask, a snorkel and a pair of fins and relax in the sparkling clean waters. We can take you for snorkeling in a beach with a unique seascape.
Or sign up for a DIVING COURSE by one of the greatest organizations worldwide.

All courses are carried out in our shop, which is so pleasant with its comfortable veranda and the ambience that only AQUA TEAM knows how to offer. For the training dives we have selected beautiful, calm sites with easy and quick access.

With Discover Snorkeling and Discover Scuba Diving sea lovers can enjoy unique diving experiences.

You don’t need any prior experience for Discover Snorkeling and Discover Scuba Diving and you will be able to relax safely in the fantastic underwater world within one hour.
Our young friends can become Bubblemaker Divers and pioneer explorers of the sea bottom.

Our center offers a full training program for recreational divers from the entry level course for divers under supervision – SCUBA DIVER through to MASTER SCUBA DIVER and several specialty courses.

For those who think of diving more seriously or as something they would like to do professionally we offer the courses of Divemaster, Assistant Instructor and Instructor, for recreational or technical diving.

Furthermore, our center trains people with disabilities in accordance with the DDI program, as well as people without disability as assistants on the surface or as disable divers’ assistants.

More demanding divers can attend the ANDI Technical Diving program with courses for Safe Air, Technical and Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR).

As per special agreement with you, we can organize technical Dives with Decompression and use of technical gas blends.

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